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About Us

We started BXLBeauty because we understand busy women! We know exactly how difficult it is today to find the time to go to a beauty salon.

So, we wanted to make that as easy, safe and comfortable as possible, without losing the high quality standard in beauty treatments that we all love and deserve.

With BXLBeauty, there is no more worrying about catching the salon before it closes or having to travel far for comfortable, high quality beauty treatments.

Within seconds, you can book delivered beauty services to your home, office or hotel.

We only work with the best and most luxurious brands on the market and all our tools are disinfected and sterilised using hospital grade procedures.

While our menu is simple, we can cater to a lot – various makeup styles, manicures and pedicures (and of course we can do French and nail art!).

We also love catering for special occasions, so don’t hesitate to call us for bridal makeup and mani, hen parties, party make-up and more.